Whisper Game

I keep hearing a lot about this Mary Kay Becker.  The Herald endorsed her and she was on Joe Teehan last night.  Can’t comment on more than the 5 minutes I heard, but in that time I did hear her say again that she relies on precedent and consistency.  Didn’t hear her talk about law though.  

Judges who base decisions predominately on previous decisions rather than the constitution are dangerous to our way of life.

Ruling on precedent is like playing the whisper game. You stand in a circle and one person whispers something in the ear of the person next to them. This goes on around the circle. But when it gets back to you, it is not likely that it will be what you said.

Would our founding fathers recognize the laws they wrote, if the last person in the circle of judges were to read it back to them.

Vote for Jeff Teichert simply because he says he will read the law before ruling on it.

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