No stickers for the Wallys

Mr. & Mrs. Wally dropped off our ballots at the Ferndale Library this evening, but to our disappointment they were all out of “We Cast our Ballots” stickers.   The attendants said that drop box turnout appeared to be up and that they had actually been contacted to see if they had any empty boxes because it appeared that last day turnout was up all over.  That could mean that voter turnout is up, or it could just mean that everyone procrastinated along with the Wallys.  I guess we will find out in the morning.

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2 Responses to “No stickers for the Wallys”

  1. Wally says:

    Nope, we made it. I put off casting the ballot a bit, thinking that all in all the time I’ve been out of town lately would have given me a chance to educate myself better on a few of the issues. So it was a purposeful procrastination.

  2. Holy smokes, when I read your headline, I was gearin’ up to scold ya fer not votin’.
    good thing I read further ‘fore i stuck my foot in my mouth!
    Anyway the first results look good as both Hatch and Crawford held their own as the bellingham ballots were counted in the first batch. (according to observers from both sides, the county ballots are to be counted tomorrow. so any results posted shortly after 11:00 may not include any county ballots but the Bellingham drop box ballots.) If Chris and Sam were so close to their opponents in Bellingham it looks good for the counting of the rest of the 16,000 ballots still to be counted, as historically the county votes more conservatively than the city.
    As for the city…
    At least Snapp, and Buchanan are generally levelheaded and should be responsive to all citizens. Unfortunately the unstable Terril Bornemann will be around a while longer. The bright light for Bellingham is that Lilliquist got sent packing. Not that I’m a Louise fan but Lilliquist and Bornemann together would be a total disaster.
    That’s my take on the early returns.
    Still 36,000 ballots returned is disgraceful.