I declare

What a great day after an election! I don’t know all the results yet, but right now it’s raining outside so things seem pretty normal. I see that Bellingham has stayed pretty liberal, but it looks like the county as a whole is pushing back for a little sanity. I’m interested in how the Crawford and Hatch races will land, but the other races and issues seem to have landed where I expected. Not where I’d like them, but just where I expected.

I have been encouraged by the Terry Bornemann win*. He is so absolutely Joe Teehan ridiculous that he will only build conservatism in the county. Eventually things will flip within Bellingham.
I am disappointed in local media coverage of some of the issues though. I think issues like 8212 might have come out much different with a little education or coverage. Shame on me for not looking into some of the issues earlier and posting a more in depth look myself. I’ll try to do better and I am also encouraged that more blogs and online resources are popping up.

Link to Whatcom County election results

* I support Bill Geyer, but I try to look for silver linings on overcast days such as today.

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