The editorial board endorsed her for re-election to state board of appeals. Their endorsement itself is enough that we should all vote for Jeff Teichert. But Judge Becker also has the endorsement of the Whatcom Democrats.

These two groups have a proven record of being liberal activists and as a legislator Becker has a proven record of liberalism. They must think that Judge Becker will promote their agenda or they wouldn’t be endorsing her. My agenda is upholding the constitution and Jeff Teichert says he will work for the same.
Here is an older but apt quote from the Seattle times;

Becker, the former legislator, says, “One of the rules we follow is, you don’t reach for the Constitution right off the bat.” She stresses that the court’s decisions have to be practical, so that people can live with them.

If not the the Constitution, what is she reaching for “right off the bat?” Isn’t that what makes a judge an activist judge, reaching for something other than the constitution? I want a judge who is so close to the Constitution that there is no reaching involved. I want Jeff Teichert.