I like our nation. I like what our founding fathers set up in America. I like living in a nation built on Christian values like morality, charity and choice. I like the responsible freedoms that are built into our nation. I appreciate the sacrifices people in our nation make to preserve those freedoms.

I don’t desire to follow progressives, liberals, socialist, communist, and/or democrats away from our roots and in their new direction. I don’t mind looking at minor tweaks to our world leading nation, but I do not find a want nor a need to progress away from what our forefathers sacrificed to attain.

I don’t look around the world and say things like “Wow, China is great, communism is really working for them.” I don’t look at the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) and pine for the good life under socialism. And I don’t look to Islamic, communist, nor socialist republics and wonder why don’t we have religious freedoms like them; in fact I thank God that we don’t have religious freedoms like them. I don’t relish the thought of my family and friends being persecuted and/or killed for practicing the Christian faith.

I am by most accounts a conservative. I am by all accounts proud of it. I am by most accounts proud of our nation. I am by all accounts grateful to God for our nation. I am a Christian conservative.