I’m a conservative

I like our nation. I like what our founding fathers set up in America. I like living in a nation built on Christian values like morality, charity and choice. I like the responsible freedoms that are built into our nation. I appreciate the sacrifices people in our nation make to preserve those freedoms.

I don’t desire to follow progressives, liberals, socialist, communist, and/or democrats away from our roots and in their new direction. I don’t mind looking at minor tweaks to our world leading nation, but I do not find a want nor a need to progress away from what our forefathers sacrificed to attain.

I don’t look around the world and say things like “Wow, China is great, communism is really working for them.” I don’t look at the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) and pine for the good life under socialism. And I don’t look to Islamic, communist, nor socialist republics and wonder why don’t we have religious freedoms like them; in fact I thank God that we don’t have religious freedoms like them. I don’t relish the thought of my family and friends being persecuted and/or killed for practicing the Christian faith.

I am by most accounts a conservative. I am by all accounts proud of it. I am by most accounts proud of our nation. I am by all accounts grateful to God for our nation. I am a Christian conservative.

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4 Responses to “I’m a conservative”

  1. I think that the term “liberal” was an economic free market liberalism, rather that our current political understanding of the term. And I thought that their political ideas were of liberty, which originally meant liberty from taxes. Too often we interchange liberty and freedom as they both originally had congruent but different meanings. But then I dropped out of college to go kill fish for fun tickets.$$$.

  2. wally says:

    I do appreciate the enlightened philosophy of our liberal founding fathers. I also appreciate that liberal with a little “L” is a relative term. Our liberal founding fathers were liberal when compared to other forms of government of their time, but I think they would find more in common with the practices of today’s conservatives than today’s liberals.

    I have always been for choice as long as the choice is with the intent to save life, not to save your lifestyle. I am for choice, for life, and opposed to abortion.

    Yes, but I try to look at the positive. 3/5 was a great leap from the 0/5 that was common in that era. Within 70-80 years the 3/5 gave way to something more like 4/5 with emancipation. Then the civil rights movement brought it to 5/5 and now with all the minority aimed social programs they are probably sitting at 6/5 of a white person if you want to look at it in those terms. I think that our founding fathers set things up pretty well.

  3. Will says:

    “I like what our founding fathers set up in America.”

    Other than the whole “black people = 3/5 of white people”, I’d agree.

  4. CitizenSteve says:

    You still seem confused about a lot of things but I’m glad to see that you appreciate the Enlightenment philosophy of our liberal founding fathers and that you are now pro-choice.