Activist Judge becomes Peace Activist Judge

I think judges should be impartial and bent on upholding the laws. That’s why I voted for Jeff Teichert, not Mary Kay Becker. In a pre-election post I brought up her quote about not reaching for the constitution every time a case comes up.

Herald endorses Judge Becker, but please vote for Jeff Teichert

At the time I wondered what she did reach for instead of the constitution. Now I have another blues clues. She is speaking at a rally sponsored by the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force, Whatcom Peace and Justice Center, Veterans for Peace, local chapter-ACLU and the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship Social Justice Committee. All the local socialist peace activist big guns. Reaching for their anti-US socialist agenda will be so convenient. Supporting all these groups makes her the most activist and dangerous to America judge that I have heard of recently. Can Mary Kay Becker support anti-US groups and still uphold constitutional law? I don’t think so.

Whatcom Human Rights Task Force calendar

Whatcom Peace and Justice Center calendar

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