You know, but do they know?They… the students who recently walked out of school to protest the war in Iraq. Do they really know what they are protesting against? Are they old enough to comprehend the impact on the world if we were to leave Iraq now, if we were to leave tomorrow or even if we were to have never entered Iraq? Some say many of the students just wanted to skip while at least one of the students said

[She] … joined because she wanted to draw Ferndale residents’ attention to the war.“Also it shows that youth know something and are willing to support their beliefs,” she

While I feel many high schoolers are truly capable of comprehending the Iraq situation, I also feel that many more just think they can comprehend the situation and protest away.But if some can comprehend and some can’t comprehend, then where do you draw the line on who we listen to and who we don’t? Should we draw a line?? Does it matter if kids don’t really understand what they are saying? I love wondering about all these questions and I do draw a line where I won’t listen to a protester. I happen to draw the line at fifth grade.

Organizer Tovah Aviv, 9, a fourth-grader, said about 40 students were interested, but teachers said students couldn’t leave class without written parent permission.“A lot, a lot, a lot of people die in war,” said Masyn Vaillancourt, 9, another fourth-grader. “I think if more people participate in doing this, we wouldn’t have war anymore.”The Olympian

That’s it. Some fifth graders I see on TV are pretty smart. I’ll listen to a fifth grader, but no fourth graders, nor third, nix on second graders and definitely not first graders.

The youngest demonstrators stuck to voicing their concerns just outside their school. About a dozen Lincoln Elementary students, including a first-grader, held signs, chanted and sang for 30 minutes.The Olympian

Unless the first graders want to talk about Lightening McQueen or Transformers then I’m not listening to them. My first grader has trouble figuring out when to brush his teeth, how’s he going to figure out when it’s the right time to leave Iraq?My point is this: although we can draw a line on which kids to listen to and which not to listen to, we should all listen to the messages of those who are feeding the messages to the kids and their parents.

The march was organized by local members of Youth Against War and Racism, a student-led group founded by Socialist Alternative, an organization that opposes “the global capitalist system.”KNDO/KNDU

I know, I know, there goes Wally talking socialist conspiracy. I’ll shut my yap and let them speak for themselves.

We campaign for the building of a mass workers’ party to represent the interests of workers, youth, and the environment against the two parties of big business.We see the global capitalist system as the root cause of terrorism, war, poverty, discrimination, and environmental destruction. As capitalism moves deeper into crisis and recession, a new generation of workers and youth must join together to take the top 500 corporations into public ownership.

There you go. It’s all about preserving America.