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A week or so ago I posted Doug Ericksen’s newsletter that was filled with info on I-747 and the potential impact of our court’s ruling on it’s legality. Our voted in 1% cap on property taxes is no more. Our Governor Gregoire originally talked about a 1% – 6% increase even though we taxpayers clearly indicated a preference for 1%. After some pushing by Republicans and Republican candidate for Governor Dino Rossi, our current governor flipped is now in favor of the 1% cap or so she says.

“I believe we can easily enact the necessary legislation during a one-day session,” Gregoire said in a letter to legislative leaders. “The citizens of our state expect that we will expeditiously deal with this subject, and this subject only, to give them certainty about their property tax bills for the upcoming year.”

Seattle PI

And an Olympia City Councilman Joe Hyer made this very salient point.

“I’m very surprised that Dino Rossi gets to run our legislative agenda and not the governor,” Hyer said, adding that the governor could address the issue in January when the 2008 Legislature convenes.

Olympian Online

But even her seeming capitualation on the special session, is not without a cup full of dirt to mudding the waters. The Seattle PI article also reports.

Gregoire said she would push for two bills to be considered — one to reinstate the 1 percent property tax limitation and another that would provide a property tax deferral for families under the state’s median income level.

If our woman in charge was really interested in serving the people rather than government, then she would clearly and forcefully push legislators for a simple no strings attached 1% cap like voters asked for. I haven’t figured out what exactly the “tax deferral” means, but if she has time to add in a little extra then why not add back in the protections of I-722 that were also struck down by our courts. But hey, she is getting all Rambo over this right now so why not grab the 1% cap while we can.

“Talk is cheap, but when you’re the one responsible to deliver results, you’d better do it right,” the governor said. “This isn’t about political gain or shooting one’s mouth off. This is about results.”

“I know local government has a compelling argument, but we have citizens dealing with dramatic increases and I can’t see standing by and letting them get run out of their homes.”

“I don’t want a three-ring circus. Let’s get in and get out,” she said, adding later, “This will not be a free-for-all.”

I guess we’ll just sit back and see how our serve the people governor takes care of things next week. Oh… that’s right… I read this few minutes ago.

While the House and Senate cancel long-planned hearings on a number of different issues to accommodate the special session requested by Christine Gregoire, her office has disclosed that the governor will be traveling to, attending and speaking at the “Governor’s Aerospace Summit”

How is she going “deliver results” or “do it right” when she isn’t there? How do you “get in and get out” if you don’t get there in the first place? Even the guys at Northwest Progressive get it.

It’s understandable that the Governor would want to honor her other commitments. But if this special session is important enough to cause the cancellation of the Legislature’s previously scheduled work, shouldn’t it be Gregoire’s number one priority? Shouldn’t she be in the statehouse all day?

Simply pitiful. I guess the special session to protect taxpayers really isn’t that special to our current elected Governor Gregoire.

And did I mention that I’m voting for Dino Rossi in ’08. It’s not like I voted for Governor Gregoire last time, but in the next election I’ll be more strongly not voting for her.

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