sf.jpgIf someday you can’t post a comment to Wally Wonders Why, you’ll know that the StupidFilter has shipped. I’ve put my name on their list in hopes of being one of the first blogs to engage a StupidFilter on all comments. No, it’s not a joke. This is all very new hush, hush cutting edge stuff. It’s totally legit. But how, you may wonder do the developers plan to pull this off?

Pretty much the same way you can programmatically recognize spam, we’ll look for things that characterize stupidity and assign particular tokens different weights based on how often they occur in hand-picked examples of idiotic comments. For more information, see Naive Bayes Classifiers and CRM114.

Hmm? CRM114? I probably would have gone with the 113 or the 115, but I guess these guys are the experts.

Wow, can you imagine rifling through comments without being subjected to gross stupidity? Or maybe I’ll be able to post a stupidity rating with each comment. You know, so you can read all the stupid ones first.

I think I mentioned that this is not a joke, but it will undoubtedly give rise to many a bad joke and therefore I will attempt to also be on the cutting edge StupidFilter jokes.

….women and minorities will be hardest hit.

And if you are going to call me a name like racist or sexist or something really mean, then be sure you don’t laugh or even slightly chuckle, not even under your breathe. Why that’d make you a hippocrete.

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2 Responses to “StupidFilter”

  1. Kid, since you are not stupid, you would get by the stupid filter,
    for me it raises the bar, and I’ll porbably need to wait to post until I have references to cite…

  2. You’re not tired of me, are you Wals?