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As a letter writer to the Herald gets torn apart in the comment section for humorously Musing about anti-war protests , I’d like to offer this also humorous view from Olympia.

On the night of the 13th, the anarchist witches and wizards patrolled the crowd around the women’s blockade, following under cover cops and guarding each other against fascists. The blockade held up the shipments until they were all arrested. And then the military tried to sneak the death-machines by on another road. All of a sudden, light began to leap from the shadows and the police guarding the Strykers were bewitched and pummeled by the new spells spread throughout Olympia. Everyone was running. Witches and wizards conjured objects from the sky. The internal military began to open fire on the crowd. Concussion grenades were going off as people suddenly realized they had a wand in their pocket. They took it out, gripped it firmly in their hands and began to counter the spells of the enemy which they had been trying to evade all of their lives.


Do not have full fledged consensus meetings during an action. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT HAVE MEETINGS DURING A RIOT! Instead, have an idea of what YOUR group wants to do before you find yourselves in a riot. Constant motion is your greatest ally (besides Magic). Spontaneous, creative, imaginative thought is what accomplishes things on the streets. Meetings do nothing but dull the energy that a riot needs to sustain itself.



We would like to wish you all beautiful dreams tonight. Take comfort and strength in what you just were a part of if you were. If you were not there, do the same thing. There are no rules and no limits. We are all together.

With eternal love to all,

The Port Liberation Front (PLF)
A Faction Of The Olympia Chapter Of The Eugene Anarchists
A Centralized Branch Of The International Anarchist Conspiracy (IAC)

Witches, wizards and magic wands is just simple humor, but for those who demand high brow humor, I offer this bit of irony.

Although most of the participants in these 10 days of actions are under 25 years old, and the majority of these are students at the Evergreen State College, there are many older participants. Although there have been some tensions over definitions of non-violence and over tactics and goals, anarchists, socialists, people who define themselves primarily as peace activists, and black bloc people are working together in a functioning alliance.

So ironically, while the anarchists are against government, they are not against forming functioning alliances. Because after all a functioning alliance where people of differing goals and tactics agree to work together is nothing like a government. right?

So the take home message is that not all peace activists limit their hate to our current US administration, some actually hate all forms of governments.

Oh, and about being torn apart in the Herald comment section, here is the best of the worst edited as best I can

Stu thought he was being funny, instead he was just being a totally moronic d**k head with s**t for brains. Go f**k yourself you ignorant c***ks**ker.

And yet people wonder why Debbie Chavez clamped down on the comments at KGMI.

References available upon request.

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