This is more of a vent, but with a purpose. I guess living close to the Canadians I’m exposed to the phrase “opposition party” a bit more than the average US citizen. In Canada the Opposition party is way to refer to the party not in power. So opposition party flips back and forth. If we were to use the same method we would currently refer to the Democratic Party as the opposition, and during the Clinton administration it would have been the Republican Party. This is basically correct albeit in laymen terms.

The vent is one on me, because I want to refer to the Democrats as the opposition party. But I don’t want to do this because I like the Canadian way, I want to do this because the Democrats and especially the liberal Democrats seem to oppose everything. It seems to be their defining nature. They are against the war, they are against tax breaks, they are against traditional marriage, and they are against military action against Iran. They seem to oppose every actual course of action and propose no real action of their own. What real actions or directions are they for?

And that is the crux of the US Opposition Party. If you are not for something you have only two other options, you oppose it or don’t care. So I think I will rename the Democratic Party as the US Opposition Party. No matter what course of action is taken or discussed, they oppose it.

The US Opposition Party is well on it way to becoming the dominant party, because it is the lazy man’s party. When you are for something you have to work and figure out what you are for and why? But members of the Opposition party just have to say “I oppose that” and they instantly fit in. And being opposed to everything allows you to never get backed into a corner defending your position. You don’t have one! You are just opposed to others positions. For instance in the Middle East situation, you come out in opposition to our nation’s actions, UN actions, Saddam’s actions, Al-Queda’s actions, Israel’s actions, and so on.

The U.S. Opposition Party is flourishing by opposing all actions while promoting none.

Opposition Party tagline: Oppose everything, propose nothing.