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This is a comment that I put up at Sam Taylor’s blog. I’ve included it here so that you can use the clickable links to find the online documents that I referred to.

On the surface the IVAW seems like an OK group to have around. I mean, who isn’t against war. I don’t run across people who actually want war, so the AW in IVAW seems a no brainer. Where the problem comes is when they team up with groups who are really about tearing down capitalism and individual freedom, who see the unpopularity of war as a convenient means to their end.

As for Poindexter & Steve’s comments I would suggest that “Bush Lied” and “Iraq war is illegal” are some of the biggest urban myths to ever have been loosed on the world. If this were anything more than a myth, then the Democrats would have ousted this administration in a heartbeat, but as it is they really can’t prosecute based on a myth.

There are 3 documents regarding our nations actions that I think every one should read at least once. Authorization for Military Action Against Iraq Resolution, a document regarding IRAQI BREACH OF INTERNATIONAL OBLIGATIONS, and Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq. I know this is Sam’s blog, but here is the link to a post that has clickable links to these documents.

Clickable links:

Additional links added following Evan’s comment:

I’ve now spent my breakfast and my lunch at a keyboard for a post that really never was a post, so that’s it for this non-post.

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5 Responses to “Links provided”

  1. Y Dilius says:

    My top 5 myths:

    1. Men rule the world
    2. Lawyers are just doing their job
    3. All things work for good
    4. Bush knows what he’s doing
    5. Reagan was a hero

  2. Top Five Myths

    1) Stop-loss is legal
    2) Cheney is not a robot
    3) Scientology
    4) George Washington & the Cherry Tree
    5) WMD

  3. hmmmm, what is the significance of the Eleventh of September. A number of attacks over the past few centuries started on the Eleventh of September, and Jefferson’s problems with the Moors was not the first time either. (another ahistorical observation, that probably has no cultural significance)

    My Favorite modern myths:
    1) Aliens Captured in Roswell.
    2) HAARP is affecting our brainwaves and brainwashing us.
    3) The Red Sox are the Good Guys.
    4) It’s Reagan’s Fault!!!
    5) It’s Bush’s Fault!!! Trilateral… Builderbergers… Illuminati, etc…

    I do have tinfoil hats for sale, and they fit me just fine…

  4. wally says:

    No, that’s not what I mean. Those two sort of anti-myths are really part of the whole blame it on Bush myth. I’ve added a couple of more links to the post if you are truly interested in dispelling rather than perpetuating the myth.

  5. Do you mean the biggest modern myth OTHER than the connection between Saddam and 9/11 or WMD?