Dino Rossi campaign rally

Dino Rossi held his first campaign rally in Whatcom County last evening and I was fortunate to have the time open to attend. It was a busy place and I was pleasantly surprised to run into a couple of friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.

Addressing a full room, Dino Rossi used simple words to describe how he would act as Governor. He said that while in office, Governor Gregoire has shown she can serve the government by increasing our taxes, but when he is in office he will show how he and government will serve the people of our state.

As was pointed out by several in attendance, Dino Rossi has a track record as a Senator for balancing budgets without raising taxes. Raising taxes to balance the budget is the wrong direction. I find this concept easy to relate to because I can’t go to my boss and demand a raise every time we overspend at home. We also don’t budget to spend more than we make. As stupid as that sounds, it is exactly what the Democrats and Governor Gregoire have done with our state budget.

With Governor Gregoire, your taxes will keep going up. And it won’t just be a little bit, it will be a lot. She has already budgeted to spend 33% more of your money, she just hasn’t explained yet how she will be taking that 33% more from you.

I’d rather not wait around and find out how Governor Gregoire will take that 33% more, that’s why I’m encouraging everyone I know to vote for Dino Rossi in 2008.

But while we are waiting to vote, it is heartening to see the current governor reacting to pressure building from the Rossi Campaign. Reactions like immediately calling to reinstate the 1% property tax cap or her latest announcement that she is asking the DOC and US Marshalls to round up sex offenders wanted for violating the conditions of their community supervision. Too bad she wasn’t willing to do these things on her own.

Bottom line, if Dino Rossi can get our sitting governor to leap into action like this, imagine what he will do after we elect him as Governor Rossi in 2008!

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2 Responses to “Dino Rossi campaign rally”

  1. John Martinson says:

    Senator Rossi wants to be Governor? Does he really support the people. He
    pushed a bill in 2002 (SB 6841) that cut down families from receiving higher
    judgements when their childed is killed or murdered by malpractice or wrongful
    death. I wonder if the Senator would cry if his child was killed by a doctor?

    This man should not be Govenor? And he dares write a book “about inspirational lessons you can apply to your business and family life”. The guy has his
    valves out of wack.


  2. Dino may have some trouble if the sitting governer continues to use Tim Eyman as her advisor. It seems lately that she is coming around to his point of view…or is it just plain ol’ fashioned pandering to the average guy?