Yoga is not just stretching and bending

I read another article today on yoga and again thought about how it is deceptively sold to the general public as a form of exercise only. Most articles follow the script of the Herald’s article today, and leave out the Hinduism religious aspects of yoga. Yoga is like the Mormon missionaries who stop by to shoot hoops. After you’ve enjoyed the physical activity for awhile, you find out that they really want to talk about your soul. Just be aware, don’t kick yourself. Here is an easy rule of thumb; If Madonna is doing it, run away as fast as you can and don’t look back.

I wrote the following letter to the Herald, but read it here because they just called to get permission to print a previous letter, so they won’ t be printing this one.


I disapprove of your article titled “Class provides plus-size yoga.” While I am sure that there is truth in the claimed health benefits associated with the physical activities of yoga, your article failed to even mention the true nature of yoga. Yoga is very popular because its purveyors, like your article, are not being truthful about the product. How many people would pay for a class advertised as “plus size Hinduism” or how about “Hot Hinduism.” Yes, yoga is not just stretching and bending, it is a Hindu discipline aimed at achieving union with the “supreme spirit.” It is directly akin to a Christian kneeling in prayer to God. I’m sure if we all knelt in prayer more often we would enjoy a more peaceful and healthful life. And we might also gain salvation.