Naughty or Nice?

manger.jpgI prefer to keep Christmas as Christmas and not some crazy no hope no joy mushed down secularized depressing not so holly jolly, not so holy, holy day. I’m not Catholic but I like Christ-mas. I like to celebrate Christ’s birthday, but I also like Christmas trees, stockings, hearing but not singing carols, ginger bread and eggnog.

I think many non-Christians, especially socialists, atheists and the likes, would love to see the trappings of Christmas stripped from our nation. Christ represents both hope and individual choice, the very antithesis of conformity and reliance on Government that is the hallmark of socialism. The Christian and Christmas just get in the way of the secular society. Ask yourself how is Christmas doing in our nation as we keep voting for progressive, socialists and or Democrats? How is Christmas in Cuba? How was it in the Soviet Union or in Nazi Germany? It’s at this point that I catch myself wanting to write something like “For God’s sake, don’t vote Democrat,” but really it’s not for God sake. He won’t be harmed by a socialist Democrat government, we will, just like we are right now.

A sad reality in our culture may just be the twist that could actually save Christmas. Americans are far more likely to fight for shopping freedom than worshiping freedom. I think it’s sad, but I also think it is true. Fortunately, freedom to chose where you put your heart goes hand in hand with our freedom to choose where we spend.

What we need to do to save Christmas is shop Christmas. Pass on Holiday sales. Pass on Seasonal sales. Pass on any sale that won’t call Christmas, Christmas. If we insist on Christmas sales, Christmas trees, Christmas candy, Christmas movies, and Christmas parties, then Christmas may just stick around.

The American Family Association (AFA), like a several other groups, has taken a couple of major stores, like Kohl’s, to task over refusal to refer to Christmas as Christmas. But the most active movers in the pro-Christmas fight is by far the Liberty Council. Their website also has a Naughty & Nice list. A very comprehensive list of retailers who do and don’t promote Christmas as Christmas. The list is huge. From winners such as Best buy, Wal-mart and Hallmark to losers like Amazon and K-mart.

naughty and nice.pdf

The Liberty council also has Christmas rights information for both home and work, but I have tended to prefer the Christian rights information put out by the ACLJ, the American Center for Law & Justice. They have a information on School Holiday Celebrations, Religious Holiday Displays and even some advice about how to Meet Challenges From Secular Censors This Christmas Season. I guess it is up to us to continue fighting for freedom of religion.

As long as we have Christmas, then we Christians can continue to talk about the real reason for the season and his message to the world.

Merry Christmas.

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