Cheer for Israel

Israel is showing remarkable restraint in the Middle East. Militarily, they are capable of wiping all Muslim nations from the region, yet have not. Ironically most Muslim nations in the region want to wipe Israel from the map yet can’t.
Israel is targeting weapons, known military targets, and weapon supply routes. War is hell and occasionally they miss, injuring and killing those who were not targeted. Israel warned civilians to leave areas before they were targeted. Again, Israel is showing remarkable restraint. Hezbollah targeted resort towns and civilian population centers showing remarkable brutality.

I am happy with President Bush’s relatively closed mouth approach to current Middle East events. He shouldn’t try and convince Israel to stop its defensive strikes into Lebanon, nor Gaza. Israel is taking care of business that needs to be done.
It is shameful that UN nations oppose Israel’s actions in Lebanon and US actions in Iraq. There was a UN resolution to disarm Hezbollah in Lebanon, just as there were UN resolutions pertaining to Iraq, but the UN wouldn’t act. Israel and the US are acting in the best interest of the world.

We should all cheer for Israel and the US.

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