What did I miss?

‘Cause from where I’m sitting up here in Ferndale, the whole issue surrounding district only voting looks like a few left leaners are trying some sort of mass Jedi mind trick on us. Picture a sage looking fellow doing the Jedi wave while saying “You don’t want these candidates. They aren’t the ones you’re looking for.” They’ve been trying the same mind trick with us about property tax caps and tabs also. “you don’t want that money, it’s not the money you earned” Seriously, what is so freaking unclear about the amendment

Shall Section 2.13 of the Whatcom County Charter be amended to provide that each member of the County Council, except for Council-at-large, be elected by majority vote by voters in his/her own Council District? Whatcom County Charter Amendment 1

Seriously, am I missing something? “each member..elected by majority vote..in his/her own ..District.” Is this like we vote for our Governor, Oregon votes for theirs? Or each states sends delegates to Washington DC rather than California sending half and Wyoming gets none? It appears it ain’t about what we did and didn’t understand, it’s about which party the common sense is coming from and which is trying the mind tricks. Go read Democracy, Whatcom Republicans Don’t Like It! including comments and tell me I’m wrong. And if you care about why district only voting is a good thing, try reading District only voting is truly justice for all.

takehome.jpgOh, and what kind of take home message is the Herald sending with this little feature box. Perhaps I need to re-title a few of my posts. Let’s see… Democrat pickpockets take money from Whatcom County voters… Democrats pulling fast one on Whatcom County voters. Yup those sound good. Hmm… but is it the slam or who is getting slammed that makes this feature material?

Call me this or call me that, just don’t call me a Democrat!

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