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As host of KGMI’s Liberal Outpost, you would expect Joe Teehan to disagree with many of our conservative President Bush’s policies. But the host takes it a step further by bad mouthing, name calling, bashing, and generally treating our President with disrespect? It’s worth noting that mudslinging is usually the practice of personally attacking the opposition when a rational attack on their policies and/or positions is ineffective.

For Joe mudslinging seems to be a scheduled part of his show. Even when he seems to have a great topic, he can’t let the hour go by without being derogatory towards our President. I occasionally listen to the show, but only make a point of listening when I know that there will be a substitute host. It’s curious that the substitute hosts can do the whole hour on substance alone. I don’t recall them ever resorting to name calling. Hmmm?

In the past I have emailed KGMI a few times and expressed my dissatisfaction with the host’s behavior. I also let them know that I felt his disagreeable behavior cast a negative light on KGMI in general. KGMI didn’t respond until I told them that I would be exercising my power as a listener and choosing not to do business with advertisers on the Liberal Outpost. Their response was along the line that they wanted to present all aspects of issues, alternate points of view, etc.  I can agree with their theory, but their execution, like Joe’s behavior, leaves much room for improvement

Here’s the letter I sent regarding the Liberal Outpost.

The other day I caught a bit of the show while I was doing some yard work. It sounded like Joe was explaining to your audience that if you disagree with President Bush then it is ok to be disrespectful. Joe has a program guide on the web that lists show topics and usually a quick jab at the President. The description for 7/11/06 read:

” Is the current promo for The Joe Teehan Show disrespectful to President Bush? Well, of course it is. But is that wrong in America. Must we ALWAYS show respect for the president regardless of his performance and policies? “

So it seems Joe’s overall disagreeable behavior stems from his notion that in America you needn’t show respect for those who don’t agree with you. Joe, you have your disrespecting work cut out for you ‘cause there are a whole lot of us out here that disagree with you on a whole lot of things.

And God help the waitress that brings Joe a dirty spoon, because we all know darn well that that is just poor performance and surely against restaurant policy!

I still try not to do business with advertisers on the Liberal Outpost. And if people ask, I tell them why.

Remember, it’s OK to disagree, just don’t be disagreeable.

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