Post Haste: President Bush and Civil Liberties

I like to read Matt Manweller and I like to pass him along for others to read. He’s a conservative college professors and not that it really matters, he’s from my alma mater in Ellensburg, WA. I just ran across his article Bush and Civil Liberties-A Historical Perspective again and it read well the 2nd time also. You don’t usually see this perspective in mainstream media, so go read it at the source. How’s this for an opening

At this stage in the war (and political cycle), another post by me, or anyone else, debating the merits of the war would probably serve little purpose. But I do want to challenge the accusation levied by spokeman Steve Verhey that President Bush has eroded American civil liberties in the name of fighting the war on terror.

I would suggest that the historical record indicates exactly the opposite. In fact, I would go further and argue that no president in American history has done a better job of balancing respect for civil liberties with the necessities of war and crisis than President Bush. Using history as a guide, let’s look at how other presidents have behaved when confronting similar crises.

He goes on to compare the respect for civil liberties that President Bush has to several other war time US presidents. If you think that President Bush has a dismal track record then think again.

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