Our Monday night small group is between studies and so I had last evening free. Yes, I listened to my 1st grader read and then we practiced geography. But then, I listened in on Doug Ericksen’s tele-forum. I don’t know what others thought, but I thought it was a pretty neat deal. I didn’t drive anywhere. I didn’t use extra gas and there was no travel time involved. Just grabbed the phone, walked to a quiet part of the house, dialed a toll free number and I was at the meeting.

I listened to 15-20 callers ask questions on everything from taxes, to septic, to educating drivers about bicyclists. Doug said at one point that there was about 200 people listening.  It seemed that most who wanted to ask questions got a chance and those that didn’t get in were able to leave voice mail questions at the end.

This was quality time also. There was no applause, no personal displays and thankfully no singing grannies.  It was just Doug answering questions and talking with our neighbors about issues in Whatcom County.


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