Global Warming Suspected in Wildfires

This AP/Herald headline is an eye catcher. To bad it is just another case of discovering correlations in data and assuming/inplying a causation. Everytime I read the words “Scientist discover” or something similar I go into a correlation vs. causation mode. Establishing a correlation may point to the cause, but the correlation is not the cause.

Amongst the male population in my home there is a correlation between height and wage earning. I am the tallest and make the most money. My height is correlated to wage earning, but is it the cause? I think it probably has more to do with the other two males not being old enough for kindergarten yet.

So did rising global temps cause wildfires? Or are they just currently in correlation? What about, increased pollution control laws that resulted in more hot catalytic converters on cars. This is an established cause of grass fires. Maybe it’s as simple as forcing smokers out of buildings equiped with ash trays. My taxes have gone up lately. Is my tax rate causing global warming? Or is global warming causing my taxes to go up. If we have a cold winter will my taxes go down?

Correlation does not establish cause. I wish more people called BS on inflammatory correlation articles.

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