Plan B – B as in buzzword

The Herald’s Northwest View column featured an article by Roslyn Solomon of Up Lift International. In her article Plan B ruling an outrage opens with this.pb1.jpg

Since when is denying patient care the moral high ground? It’s hard to believe, but a lower federal court here in Washington put our right to obtain needed medications at risk. Thankfully, the state and several concerned citizens announced last week that they are appealing this outrageous ruling.

She then goes on to criticize pharmacists and others who would restrict access to the drug. In it she herself dispenses more buzz words than I can recall reading in any one place. Here is a quick cut-n-paste list.

  • Since when is denying patient care the moral high ground?
  • right to obtain needed medications
  • protecting the individual’s right to access all medications
  • another’s health needs
  • preventing sex discrimination
  • international human rights
  • the right to health and health care
  • right to health must be protected and respected
  • an essential drug
  • access to a necessary medication
  • respect, protect and fulfill a woman’s right to quality health care

Wowzer, what a list. But when I hear of a child being conceived, my thoughts are directed to a different list.

  • fetus
  • baby
  • child
  • pregnant
  • mother
  • father
  • family
  • responsibility
  • gift
  • blessing

Sadly, none of those words occurred anywhere in her article. But I guess that would fit with the me first attitude of the article.

Once a child has been conceived it can either live or die. Do we really need to create more ways to destroy life? And must we really demand that pharmacist dispense it? I don’t think so.


One Response to “Plan B – B as in buzzword”

  1. Inalienable rights: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Even this former Librarytarian can figure this one out. What part of Life don’t some folks get?