Coffee and baseball

cafe_breve.jpgFor myself, these two are not kissing cousins. In fact they bear no relation what so ever. My wife would say I am obsessed with coffee and I’m okay with being categorized as obsessed rather than addicted or something with a real negative feel to it. I don’t know enough to be an aficionado, but I can try. And try I do! But baseball? My baseball knowledge peaked in Jr. High PE class and has waned since. That cool chart on the right is of a two-seamed fastball…or so it’s labeled. And I haven’t the faintest idea if it is or is not. And don’t really give a hoot.
two_seam_fastball.jpgA while back I ran across a site, Lokesh Dhakar, with some neat graphics that explain a few common coffee drinks (and pitches). Nothing too fufu. Just coffee and cow milk combinations. I commented on the absence of the luscious coffee breve, which has since been added to the chart. I don’t know how many people realize that Starbucks switched their lattes from whole milk to 2% milk? Well the breve is sort of the opposite direction. It’s a latte where the milk is dropped in favor of half & half. It’s the special latte for outside the Christmas season, where of course, the eggnog latte is the ruler.

I consistently get people popping by from the site that mixes coffee, baseball, graphics, etc. for an interesting mix of topics. Lokesh Dhakar