Global climate poll

Quite a few times I’ve thought that I should do a poll, but I never know how many people actually take the time to contribute and well I hadn’t actually figured out the technical stuff to make it happen. Until now.


If you answered that you never take the time to do online polls then you have just made yourself an example for how misleading polls and poll results can be. Sometimes polls are just fun because you can see what others are thinking.

My first poll is on the serious topic of Global Climate and can be found with the big button on the menu bar or by clicking here. It will probably take less than a minute unless you are severely challenged.


Merry Christmas!

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2 Responses to “Global climate poll”

  1. I took your other poll.
    Since all of us intergalactic illegal aliens are cloned there was no choice for clone under sex.
    So of course, I felt completely disenfranchised since there are only two intergalactic political parties:
    2) Anarcheynsians

  2. I was seriously challenged by the poll.
    I wanted to raise my hand…