A Muslim and an Islamic Extremist walk out of a Mosque…

How do you tell the Islamic extremist from the Muslim?

You can’t

Read about Muslim responses to terrorist activities and tell me that real Muslims are peaceful and don’t support terrorism. I say if real Muslims are truly peaceful then the world is filled with a lot of fake Muslims, because I’ve seen a lot of terror, support for terror, cheering for terror and not much in the way of condemnation when it comes to Islamic terrorists.

Read most world news sources regarding the train bombings in India. They cite coordinated bomb blasts, some pre-indication of the bombings from one of the two active Islamic extremist groups, coincidentally series of grenade attacks by Islamic extremists in a different part of India and refer to many bombings by Islamic extremist over the past decade. But read Aljazeera and you will read nothing about Islamic extremists. In fact the bombing were referred to only as explosions with the word attack in quotes. There was no mention to Islamic extremist, nothing, nada, past nor present.

How can we believe Islam is peaceful, if Muslims won’t denounce Islamic terrorist.

We can’t

Christianity teaches that everyone has a personal choice whether or not to accept Christ as their savior.

Islam teaches that everyone must become Muslim, submit to Muslims or die.

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