Stem Cell Irony

I am behind President Bush on his veto today on funding stem cell research. Human life starts at the moment of conception. It‘s too bad that we don’t start treating it and protecting it like it were a child until it is fully born. Sure some scientists say that embryos aren’t living beings, but if we found the embryos on Mars, the same scientists would be doing front page interviews about discovering extraterrestrial life. Why not call them life here on planet earth.

The irony I saw today was with the editorial board at the Bellingham Herald producing a piece lauding a new program by our Governor and the Gates Foundation. Our Governor who funded her campaign with pro-abortion money and promised state funds to make our state the leader in stem cell research is on this day promoting a program called “Thrive by Five.” The Herald says “Scientists who study education know that early childhood development is a key to future success.” Do the “scientists”, Gov. Gregoire and the Gates realize that in Washington State, the toughest stumbling block to early childhood development is being born?

Some say that the embryos are “surplus” from fertility clinics. I bet there are lots of infertile couples that can’t afford fertility clinics. How about in an effort to save lives, we state fund implanting surplus embryos in those couples who want children but can’t afford the process? Would that not be acceptable? Because it might fall in the pro-life camp?

How about one of the extreme Nazi arguments? Nazi Germany had what they considered a surplus of children (jewish). Instead of adopting them into families they decided to kill them in the interest of scientific advancement.

I don’t really care about the argument that we will all benefit from the cures that are found. Donating our organs will also save lives, but the scientists and the afflicted have not convinced the state to mandate organ donation. At least not yet. We still have a choice.

Most parents would give up their life in an instant to save their children. How many would allow their children to die in order to save their own life. This issue is really all about life and choice.

I say it’s time to let the embryos grow until they reach the age of consent and then ask them if they would mind being killed in a government funded research institute for the sake of science. Let them have a choice.

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