Wishy washy, flip, flop, flip flop, wagging, we’ve seen them. I’ve used them. Candidates are wishy washy on abortion or they flip flop on tax cuts. There is certainly room for change due to personal growth or new knowledge. That type of change seems a desirable characteristic in anyone. I am speaking of those who change their position to suit the situation, or to gain the most from a situation. I’m speaking of people who often choose their stance like a piece of clothing. Let’s see, I think pro-choice goes good with these pants. Or what about candidates who suffer from SAS (sudden accent syndrome)? What’s up with that? Well I read a new one today that is pretty darn exciting.

It is already widely covered that John McCain has done rather well in New Hampshire. But how’d he do dat? A Seattle Times article sheds some light.

He also modulated his position on immigration, telling voters he had heard them and would make securing the borders his first priority.

I like modulation. It is just sound sooo much more scientific that flip flop. But this one wonders if he will also modulate his position on other issues. Then I might wonder if a candidate prone to frequent modulation, in fact has any position at all? And who wants a President that modulates? I most certainly don’t.

This is all part and parcel to why I support Fred Thompson, he is not prone to frequent modulation.