Another local fan of Fred Thompson

Mark at Meneltarma has now proclaimed that Fred Thompson’s the man!

I’m a fan of Fred Thompson. It all started with his little splurge of fame when he burst on the scene last year. Like everyone else, I almost forgot about him when he took forever to get into the race officially. But now, I’ve started to appreciate that very attitude which probably held him back. He’s real. He doesn’t come across as someone who has lived his life for becoming president (like so many of the others). He has been so many other things his whole life — anything but a career politician.  Read the rest >>

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2 Responses to “Another local fan of Fred Thompson”

  1. It doesn’t matter who the republican nationalists pick for their ticket. Rest assured, he (was debating saying “he/she:, but we know that conservatives will never put a woman on the ballot) will be a sleezy, morally-lax rich white man acting not as a real leader, but as a figurehead for all the greediest and unethical loutes of this country to grab power (or award no-bid contracts) and turn a lazy dime off the backs of the rest of us.

    I guess I don’t really mind your support of Fred Thompson; the same way I didn’t really mind your support of the troops during my year in Iraq, which is to say: Neither will make a real difference so long as the flawed neo-fascism of conservativism is still around.