I bumped this up from just a return comment on Another fan of Fred Thompson to a full post, mostly because this goes beyond just the comment.

Evan, even though we disagree on much, I try to patiently and thoughtfully read your comments out of respect for your service to our nation and also because you put forth thought provoking comments. While we still disagree on much, I credit you for, among other things, my deeper understanding of stop loss and a few more books on my books to read list. But lately, my online friend, you are slipping. This comment wrought with name calling and baseless accusation is just not thought provoking. It seems more directed at either venting some pent up anger and frustration or just plain old trolling for a reaction. Either is unfortunate and neither is a good way to win friends nor influence people.

It doesn’t matter who the republican nationalists pick for their ticket. Rest assured, he (was debating saying “he/she:, but we know that conservatives will never put a woman on the ballot) will be a sleezy, morally-lax rich white man acting not as a real leader, but as a figurehead for all the greediest and unethical loutes of this country to grab power (or award no-bid contracts) and turn a lazy dime off the backs of the rest of us.

I guess I don’t really mind your support of Fred Thompson; the same way I didn’t really mind your support of the troops during my year in Iraq, which is to say: Neither will make a real difference so long as the flawed neo-fascism of conservativism is still around.

1/10/08 comment by Evan Knappenberger on Another local fan of Fred Thompson.

And just for the record, the Republican Party is a pretty diverse group. The “morally-lax white man” is just myth perpetuated as a political device. I would have thought it beneath you to go that route.

Locally we have a lot of strong, capable, and intelligent women in the Republican Party. Nationally, Republicans like Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, General Colin Powell and former Republican Party chair Senator Mel Martinez come to mind. I guess they kind of blow the myth out of the water.

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