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January 17, 2008

What unreasonable people say

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This post refers to a post at the Bellingham Herald Blog and addresses a few concerns about Doug Ericksen’s character that have been raised there by a local Democrat. The Herald blog post title is Local Rep. Doug Ericksen: Republicans will target Dems ‘culture of failure’. In the post, Sam Taylor simply stated that “42nd District Rep. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, had some aggressive words for Democrats when speaking with the Seattle Times recently.” and that we could read the full story right here.

Also in the Bellingham Herald blog post Doug Ericksen is quoted

One of the top priorities of House Republicans in the next two months will be to “let people know about the culture of failure” of Democrats, he said. “We’re going to be talking about it nonstop.”

What I found to be reasonable comment made light of how out much our Democrat dominant state government has raised taxes and increased spending.

What I found to be unreasonable comments soon followed from a local Democrat.

I wonder if it’s occurred to Ericksen that someone might ask him what he’s accomplished for the 42nd Legislative District over the past two years… or maybe he’s forgotten that he’s supposed to be representing us down in Olympia.

I’m still waiting for a reply from Doug, I want to know what Bills he’ll be sponsoring this session.


… And I’m still waiting for Ericksen to respond to my question about his better ideas… what Bills will he be sponsoring this session?

Unreasonable because of the implication that Doug doesn’t do anything. Unreasonable because presenting misinformation and an indirect challenge, in a blog that Doug may not even read, is no way to actually obtain information. It is however a good way to play a little character assasination game.

So as an alternative to the game, I thought I might offer up a little different perspective on our 42nd District Rep and a little information too. I’ve found that Doug is always very good at communication. Last month Doug held a tele-forum that was open to the public. During that time he answered questions from 20 or so callers and also offered up a few issues that he is or would be working on for us.

  • Scaling back the new and expensive septic rules to save us money
  • Working on health care solutions that don’t include the bureaucracy, the high cost and ineffectiveness of socialized medicine.
  • Control state spending and to control our overall tax burden – recognizing that we can’t lower taxes unless spending is cut.
  • Working on recreation and commuter paths between parks and urban areas.

And when the unreasonable say things such as “I wonder if it’s occurred to Ericksen that someone might ask him what he’s accomplished for the 42nd Legislative District over the past two years… or maybe he’s forgotten that he’s supposed to be representing us down in Olympia.” I respond with this readily available list of bills attributed directly to Doug Ericksen in 2007.

  • HB 1563 Using environmental mitigation moneys for agricultural preservation. Fiscal Note
  • HB 1564 Creating a sales and use tax exemption to encourage the purchase of motor vehicles that reduce air pollution.
  • HB 1801 Regarding the administration of fuel taxes. Fiscal Note
  • HB 1982 Regarding public-private agreements for expansion, operation, and maintenance of a portion of the Interstate 5 corridor.
  • HB 1983 Promoting competition for video services.
  • HB 1984 Enacting the right to farm act.
  • HB 2190 Creating tax incentives to encourage construction of freight rail improvements. Fiscal Note
  • HB 2323 Regarding food service rules.
  • HB 2677 Concerning the removal of gravel from waterways to reduce the impact of flooding.
  • HB 2922 Reducing the authority of the department of health and state board of health with regard to small on-site sewage disposal systems.
  • HJM 4010 Calling on the President and Congress to enact the TUFTA.

And if you have more time to read a list of what Doug has been doing then take a look at this list of bills that he was involved with even though they were not his primary ones.

  • HB 1019 Prioritizing basic education expenditures within the state appropriations process.
  • HB 1083 Creating a pilot project to examine the impacts of small scale mineral prospecting on coastal areas.
  • HB 1168 Regarding disorderly conduct.
  • HB 1170 Limiting property tax increases to one percent by reenacting the provisions of Initiative Measure No. 747.
  • HB 1191 Making it a felony to drive or be in physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drug when the person has two or more prior offenses within seven years.
  • HB 1248 Redirecting certain moneys for the benefit of department of fish and wildlife programs. Fiscal Note
  • HB 1321 Establishing parental notification requirements for abortion.
  • HB 1366 Protecting the news media from being compelled to testify in legal proceedings.
  • HB 1458 Requiring notice to property owners before condemnation decisions. Fiscal Note
  • HB 1505 Regarding physician assistants determining disability for special parking privileges. Fiscal Note
  • HB 1516 Providing business and occupation tax exemptions for new small businesses. Fiscal Note
  • HB 1538 Requiring an independent study of health benefit requirements.
  • HB 1539 Providing access to health insurance for small employers and their employees.
  • HB 1549 Exempting wholesale sales of bulk unprocessed milk from the business and occupation tax. Fiscal Note
  • HB 1566 Modifying the rural county tax credit. Fiscal Note
  • HB 1829 Addressing the nursing facility medicaid payment system. Fiscal Note
  • HB 1833 Expanding the presumption of occupational disease for firefighters. Fiscal Note
  • HB 1878 Providing vocational rehabilitation services for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers. Fiscal Note
  • HB 1916 Applying interest arbitration to certain care providers. Fiscal Note
  • HB 1938 Concerning the relinquishment of a water right. Fiscal Note
  • HB 1974 Limiting special sex offender sentencing alternatives to the immediate victim’s family members.
  • HB 2041 Clarifying goals, objectives, and responsibilities of certain transportation agencies.
  • HB 2077 Providing greater accountability for growth management hearings boards.
  • HB 2078 Encouraging agricultural activities in counties and cities planning under the growth management act.
  • HB 2117 Limiting property tax increases to one percent by reenacting the provisions of Initiative Measure No. 747. Fiscal Note
  • HB 2149 Establishing a joint legislative task force on chronic kidney disease.
  • HB 2175 Concerning the sales and use tax exemptions for low carbon generation facilities. Fiscal Note
  • HB 2197 Prioritizing existing funding for special safety corridor projects. Fiscal Note
  • HB 2198 Prioritizing existing funding for special safety corridor projects.
  • HB 2199 Enacting the Washington health opportunity act of 2007.
  • HB 2218 Protecting the rights of former owners in real property that has been acquired through eminent domain.
  • HB 2237 Creating the transportation project contingency account.
  • HB 2284 Addressing the training of and collective bargaining over the training of care providers. Fiscal Note
  • HB 2356 Modifying school impact fee provisions.
  • HB 2403 Limiting property tax increases to one percent by reenacting the provisions of Initiative Measure No. 747.
  • HB 2413 Creating the full light of day act.
  • HB 2415 Improving the resources and tools community corrections officers and law enforcement need to perform their duties protecting the public.
  • HB 2416 Reinstating the one percent property tax limit factor adopted by the voters under Initiative Measure No. 747.
  • HB 2418 Requiring voter approval to use banked property tax levy capacity.
  • HB 2419 Providing a state property tax rebate.
  • HB 2777 Creating a grant program to assist small communities in planning for new growth and development.
  • HB 2814 Providing criteria for the siting of an institution of higher education in the north Puget Sound region.
  • HB 2879 Modifying provisions regulating spyware.
  • HB 2889 Excluding car-sharing activities from the rental car tax.
  • HB 2919 Allowing motorcycles to stop and proceed through traffic signal controlled intersections under certain conditions.
  • HJM 4009 Requesting that Taiwan be allowed to participate in the World Health Organization.
  • HJM 4022 Requesting the Clinton ferry terminal be named the “Jack Metcalf Ferry Terminal.”
  • HJM 4023 Honoring Lloyd Meeds.
  • HJR 4200 Amending the Constitution to prioritize basic education expenditures within the state appropriations process.
  • HJR 4222 Limiting the power of eminent domain.
  • HCR 4400 Notifying the Governor that the Legislature is organized.
  • HCR 4401 Establishing cutoff dates for the 2007 regular session.
  • HCR 4402 Calling joint sessions for various purposes.
  • HCR 4403 Calling a joint session to honor deceased former members.
  • HCR 4405 Notifying the Governor that the Legislature is ready to conduct business.
  • HCR 4406 Providing for reintroduction of bills from last session.
  • HCR 4407 Calling for a joint session.
  • HR 4600 Adopting temporary house rules.
  • HR 4601 Notifying the Senate that the House of Representatives is organized.
  • HR 4602 Resolving to create a select committee on the Puget Sound.
  • HR 4603 Resolving to create a select committee on environmental health.
  • HR 4607 Adopting permanent house rules.
  • HR 4665 Celebrating and recognizing the life of Speaker John L. O’Brien.
  • HR 4667 Providing for interim business.
  • HR 4668 Honoring Speaker Pro Tempore John Lovick for his work in the House of Representatives.
  • HR 4669 Amending House Rules.
  • HR 4670 Notifying the Senate that the House is ready to conduct business.

Whew, that was a big list. I know some are just housekeeping, but come on. And on top of these imagine how much work it takes to oppose all the spending and taxing bills that are being proposed by the Democrat side.

Sitting on his behind, he is not. Doug is down there working for us.

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  1. Well stated Wally. Very well stated. Thank you for that.

    Comment by WrinkleBrain — January 17, 2008 @ 9:30 am

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