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I’m out of town and out of my normal routine for a few days, but I have had a chance to read a couple of good articles that I’ll pass along.

First from the Herald, there is this nice “Whatcom View” article. If this is part of the new crop of local focus articles then I’m very happy that the spectrum of authors is not confined to somewhere between left and far left.

Lots of things to think about.It has taken something over two centuries for the U.S. post office to finally get somewhat reliable delivery of a letter across town. How much management by the federal government do you wish to have in the health-care industry? Once the decision is made there likely will be no going back.

Robert Knudson

The Bellingham Herald / Dentist questions realities of government health care

If you believe socialized medicine will bring us cutting edge medicine, then you only have to think of this authors analogy to our postal system to squelch that thought. Even with a head start and government subsidizing, the US Postal system missed the mark on cutting edge fast delivery. Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Red, Blue, and FedEx?

Second article is one which I read about in a comment yesterday. It’s by talk show host and writer Melanie Morgan. Her article in WorldNetDaily is an endorsement for Fred Thompson who she refers to as “the complete conservative for president.”

As a conservative Republican, I’ve endured more than my fair share of elections where I was told to hold my nose and vote for the lesser of evils.

That rankles me.

But in this presidential election we have the chance to vote for a man who represents an ideal package: a fiscal conservative, a social conservative and a conservative on national security issues. None of the other presidential candidates are as consistently conservative on the array of issues facing this nation as Fred Thompson is. It is fun, though, watching as they all try to reinvent themselves in some kind of election year extreme makeover.

What I admire most about Fred Thompson is that he doesn’t apologize for his conservatism.

WorldNetDaily: The complete conservative for president

Go Fred!

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