Does the Herald care that its Readers are So Uninformed?

A letter to the editor today was titled “Says Lebanese are unfairly punished” backed up with the statement “Because the kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers was not that country’s doing…”

If I were on the Herald staff I would be embarrassed to print this letter. I would rather print an opinion on guinea pigs. I would be embarrassed that a reader of my paper could be so ill informed. I would be wondering where I failed my readers.

Yes, the Herald could print more factual Middle East stories and contribute to the knowledge of their readers, but they haven’t. That’s why they have readers who think that Hezbollah is not part of Lebanon.

If the Herald ran more factual Middle East stories their readers would know that Hezbollah is part of Lebanon the same way that democrats, republicans, libertarians, etc. are part of our country. They would know that a decade ago Israel quit defending itself against the Hezbollah party of Lebanon, trusting that the Lebanese government would disarm Hezbollah in accordance with their word, and a UN resolution.

If the Herald printed more factual Middle East stories, Bellingham Herald readers would know that the Lebanese people and the Lebanese government are indeed directly responsible for the kidnapping of the Israelis.

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