Still a crap shoot?

thumbsup.jpgI’ve read an article claiming a fractured Republican campaign. I’ve read articles referring to it as a rift of sorts. I recently spoke with a person who referred to the Republican side of the campaign as a crap shoot while also saying the Democrats had a real candidate race going on. I wondered, is this a crap shoot on the Republican side? I responded with something like having a competition between a half dozen qualified Republican candidates is great “crap shoot” to be in as opposed to having to choose between two unqualified Democrats.

Looking at weekend headlines including this Fox News graphic, one might think that Mitt Romney has a big head, Hillary Clinton has a big mouth, and John McCain sometimes acts like a dork. Or one might think that Mitt Romney is a front runner, Hillary Clinton has secured an insurmountable lead and John McCain sometimes acts like a dork. Right now the media is driving the show. While some trends may look like they are forming, I think it is still to close to call the race on either side. With a 1000 points still to go, does it mean a hill of beans that Huckabee is 6 ahead of McCain or even that Romney is 54 points ahead of Thompson? I am still definitely behind Fred Thompson because I think him most qualified for the position, but I certainly relish the fact that our nation has so many qualified Republicans competing for Oval Office.

So sure, things make look fractured, or even appear to be a crap shoot, but eventually it will come down to one Republican vs. one Democrat. One qualified Republican vs. one unqualified Democrat. There will be no crap shoot.

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2 Responses to “Still a crap shoot?”

  1. Rossi came so close because the guys who have real jobs actually took the time to get out and vote. They are getting active, again. I hope that gregoire and the state democrats keep pushing to have folks who have real jobs pay for health care for welfare dilletantes who don’t want to work. This is what I hear from guys on the jobsites, “why should I pay for my health care and some lazy guy’s health care, too. If you want health care, get a job!”
    I think that you would like Dino if you ever took the time to meet him.

  2. Fractured… hmm… like our foreign policy, our economy, our civil liberties, or goverment accountability?

    Crap shoot… hmm… like the debacle destroying out armed forces.

    Strong words coming from an insider who supported Elenbaas and Rossi, who only get votes through criminally defrauding the system. Seems like GOP is running scared, which they should be after all their imperial blunders.

    And let’s not forget how all the “qualified” neo-cons destroyed our country with the blessing of the GOP. Time to disband them and put the libertarians in their place as party #2.