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January 22, 2008

MVP award

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Herald Blogger Sam Taylor deserves the MVP award for the most assists in the recent Slam the GOP Bowl. His copying of the Washington Outsider’s copy of a HorsesAss.org’s original slam on our local rep Doug Ericksen was a stupendous 3 level slam assist. Magnificent play! And did you notice how Sam cleverly dropped the title “The GOP’s legislative strategy is literally full of s***” during the last handoff? Perhaps the only way to push this regular play slam piece into overtime at a reputable blog. Brilliant move!

I jest of course. I’m sure there was no more thought behind this than just stirring things up. What else could it be? After all none the 3 copies actually address any issues. Do we know if any of the players are for or against sex offender registration? Do we know if any of the players are for or against legislating additional costly septic inspections.

For the record: I am for tight monitoring of convicted sex offenders, especially those who are deemed likely to reoffend. I am against less than effective, yet costly septic inspections. As the rule is written, it seems less like a safety precaution and more like a government money grab.

While I am embarrassed for those who seem to just enjoy stirring the pot, I am also heartened that we have representation like Doug Ericksen who actually are working for us.

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  1. just because he is getting paid to be a journalist doesn’t mean he wouldn’t find the story interesting and report on it.

    Comment by evan — January 22, 2008 @ 10:11 am

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