What went on in Custer

custer This was the scene at about 3:20 this afternoon.  At least one person was covered with a sheet, but nothing on the news yet?

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  1. Steve,
    You guys in Custer are great! Believe it or not, you know who I am.
    Visit my website and profile for my e-mail address, or ask Wally for it. He has my permission to give it to you. I am staying anonymous as long as possible. help me keep it that way, please…
    This’ll dial it in for you, however… ( I worked for Leslie at FRITS training your district and other volunteer districts. I always enjoyed Lee’s common sense and your whole Dept’s approach to emergency responses and training. You folks are a class act crew!)

  2. Steve Van Vleck says:

    I was a first-responder to the scene at Tony’s Tavern in Custer last Thursday. Sadly, a 51 year old man suddenly entered into eternity…which I’m sure was the very last thought on his mind as far as possibilities for his afternoon.

    This was another stark reminder that life is fragile here! Life here can end at any moment… there are no guarantees that we will make it to a ripe old age.

    One moment this gentleman was admiring the beauty of Mt. Baker on a crisp, clear winter’s day and the next he met his Creator face to face. I pray that he was ready for his appointment with the King of kings and Lord of lords!

    Death is part of life… We should be wise enough to give careful thought to where we will spend eternity… Life on earth pales in significance when compared to eternity… but our time here on earth will determine where we spend our forever! It is the “dressing room for eternity!”

  3. This is not a quote from the Custer Aid Call, however every now and then I hear a young EMT say this over the radio:

    “Prospect (dispatch), we have a patient that is unconcious, but breathing.”
    In my 20 years as a firefighter, training officer, and captain, I have yet to see an Unconcious Butt Breather…

  4. wally says:

    I wasn’t really looking for confidential type details. Just a lot happening in Custer on my way to do kid pickup. And I do agree, even a dark sense of humor is preferable over no sense of humor.

  5. Aid responses like this are never any fun.
    The Custer firefighters and Whatcom county deputies are class act folks.
    I listened to this one over my pager, and I’ll keep details confidential.

    Pretty crass, Evan. But nice to see that you are finally developing a sense of humor, albeit, rather black, but that’s ok.

    Maybe someday, you and I can have a beer and discuss all the folks that you and I have put in body bags?

  6. My first guess: spontaneous combustion. Of a republican.

    My second guess: Republican getting struck by lightning.