It’s all good in the ‘hood (updated 1/31/08)

Originally posted 1/29/08 – Hundreds of years ago Martin Luther contemplated the threat of Islam to Europe. He pegged Islam as an evil threat to humanity. He also chose the pen of translation over the sword as his weapon. It was his feeling, that the best weapon against Islam was to have people read the Koran, so they could fully understand its evil underpinnings. Odd that since Luther’s time, the Bible has become one of the most widely translated and distributed books in the world. And the Koran? not. Makes me think the Bible has nothing to hide and Martin Luther was on the right track.

I think of Martin Luther’s situation when I hear the radio spot for AM 930 and a new type of conversation coming to Bellingham. The type they say, that represents the majority in Bellingham. The commercial voice sounds eerily like a guest/guest host of the Liberal Outpost. So if my hunch is right, the new type, is the liberal left type.

I welcome this new type of radio, because the best way to defeat leftist ideals is to have their proponents commit ideological suicide simply by speaking. Can they fill out their programming with 24/7 Bush bashing? I don’t think so. At some point they will have to try and address an issue or two. At that point, they will be pushing the knife into their own bellies. The American people don’t want a dismal hopeless secularist socialist/communist nation, and the more they hear this new type of message from the left, the more they will begin to lean back towards moderation.

It’s all good in the ‘hood and I can hardly wait.

Update 1/31/08 – Announcement in the Bellingham Herald

Station to air liberal views

Whatcom County airwaves will get a little more liberal Friday.

“AM 930 Progressive Talk — Radio Free Bellingham, KBAI” will feature Joe Teehan, current host of “The Liberal Outpost” on KGMI, as well as nationally syndicated left-leaning talk shows by radio hosts such as Thom Hartman, Rachel Maddow and Alan Colmes, according to a Cascade Radio Group press release.

Teehan’s show will be simulcast on KGMI and AM930 before being moved completely to the new station this spring. AM930 replaces “KBAI-930AM Good Time Oldies.”

Bellingham Herald 1-31-08


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