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January 30, 2008

Nanny state?

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No it’s worse. A nanny is hired to help parents take care of their family. Parents still retain all their rights and responsibilities as the head of household and family. As socialism invades our nation, let’s be accurate in our euphemisms. We are not heading for a nanny state. We are heading for a parent state. A state where government is taking on the rights and responsibility as parents over us and our family. Don’t think it’s happening?

  • An appeals court says Arizona’s rules for license plates means that state must grant the Arizona Life Coalition’s request for “choose life” plates. Would you like to see Washington plates with political messages?
  • Should states be able to provide universal health coverage for their residents by requiring employers to offer health coverage or to pay into a fund?
  • Should passing grades be a requirement for teen to get and keep a driver’s license? Parents often link driving to school performance; should the state do the same?

As you walk by these 3 topics from Dean Kahn’s online articles, take the time to stop and smell the roses.

In communist China, family size is strictly controlled by government and here expressing your choice not to endorse killing children has become a political message?

Instead of mandating that each of us carry health insurance like is the situation with auto insurance, the state now wants to require employers to carry your burden.

And the rose that stopped me in my tracks; In an effort to help kids in school, should the state adopt a parenting tool! Why not! It sounds about right for a Parent State, or more accurate a socialist state.

So, who is yo’ mama?

Yo’ mama or yo’ government?

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  1. Just change the a to an i. Then it all makes sense. not that I’d ever resort to lowbrow humor… thanks for the comment at my site. you hit the nail on the head with your first assessment… and the part two for the Seuss story was terrific!

    Comment by Poindexter P. Parkenfarker — January 30, 2008 @ 10:19 pm

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