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February 1, 2008

4.5 minutes

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During my 4 mile drive into work this morning, I listened to 4.5 minutes of Stephanie Miller on the new AM 930 progressive talk. It was 4.5 of hyperbole, laugh tracks, innuendos and vaudevillian humor mostly at the expense of John McCain, but squarely aimed at conservatives. I’d say the only fact I heard during that 4.5 minutes was in itself hyperbole. It was of course the now, in less than 12 hours, famous quote by Ann Coulter.

She’s more conservative that he is.”
“I will campaign for her if it’s McCain.”
“She lies less than John McCain. She’s smarter than John McCain.”

AOL news

Of course this is hyperbole on her part. I should know, as I said nearly the same thing yesterday morning.

Bottom line: If I wanted a liberal candidate who said they were strong on defense I would vote for Hillary. At least she is consistent.

Why I support Mitt Romney

Now you may be thinking that Ann stole my thoughts from these very pages, or you might think that I secretly write her material. But no; It is just a matter of great minds thinking a like. Not my great mind, her’s and someone else’s, that I would be able to think of if I did in fact have a great mind.

Usually when I feel like mindless humor, I go rent a B-movie, now I can just listen to AM 930.

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