I guess that title will stand as my political prediction. I know it’s a ghastly thought, but Obama has the polish and Hillary has the connections. Worse yet, it could set the stage for 8 years of VP Hillary, then another 8 years of Hillary when she runs for the big office again in 2016.

How do right thinking Americans oppose this ghastly situation? Certainly, not with John McCain. Even if my prediction is not spot on, John McCain is a for certain loser against either Obama or Hillary.

National security, what I would consider John McCain’s biggest strength, also becomes his biggest weakness. His national security position will dominate the campaign because nothing else in his issue arsenal sets him far enough apart from his Democratic Party rivals. All any Democrat candidate has to say is that John McCain is a fine man with a long history of bipartisanship, a man whom with they have much in common, but that it is time to move our national security out of the military realm and back towards diplomacy. McCain will be sunk.

Mitt Romney is strong on defense, strong on the economy, strong on American values, and has good record of working across party lines without giving too much on those values. He is the right balance of strength and diplomacy. Also, when it comes to public speaking and leadership, Mitt Romney makes Obama look like he failed public speaking.