Parkenfarker Group’s foreign policy contributor GK has written a great post surrounding news from Iraq that is sadly lacking in media. I point this post out because how, when, how much and how far we leave Iraq is an election issue for many.

Today we conducted our second Reconciliation Gathering and this was even more successful than the initial one with 42 terrorists coming forward to lay their arms down and join the peace process. We expect this number to continue to grow exponentially as the Government of Iraq informally approves of this path to peace. We will continue to pursue every avenue possible through lethal actions against our enemies or by making offerings for amnesty to those deserving.

Many of you are probably either not believing what we are achieving or are in disbelief because of what the media reports. I cannot tell you the media misleads anyone because we have less of a perspective of the comprehensive situation in Iraq than you probably do. But we can speak for the Area of Operations Summit in which we are responsible.

There are three primary reasons for the success we’ve achieved. First, our lethal targeting has evolved to PhD level effectiveness. Our Soldiers are capturing their intended targets every single day with a level of success no one could have asked for. Secondly, the formation of the Awakening or Concerned Local Citizens within AO Summit has emplaced over 6,000 Iraqi partners in our AO. This required tremendous effort and hard work from your loved ones. But it’s paid off in lives saved, terrorists captured, IED’s discovered and caches turned in on a daily basis. There is literally no where for the enemy to hide right now.

Ron Paul supporters are for a non-intervention policy, George Bush/John McCain supporters such as myself feel that we are generally on the right path, and Barack Obama supporters seem to be gathering behind his “change” plan which if you read the fine print looks a lot like the current George Bush plan. So as you are forming your opinion, please consider News from the Frontlines and the countless others like it available on the internet. And lastly, when you look at a candidate for president, really study the plan they are proposing for Iraq.