Priceless support for Sen. Obama

You just can’t buy this kind of press: Susan Sarandon on the Tavis Smiley show 2-11-08:

Well, I’m going to back Obama. But I hope – I think that he, as a symbol, has really excited people, and he’s definitely confusing to everyone who really hates America for hating Muslims because a name like Obama and a Black man, they’re probably going to go “Oh, wait a minute – what?” It’s kind of like when you’re out on the line for freedom to have an abortion and you’re incredibly pregnant. They just can’t quite figure it out.

So I think he definitely has convinced people that he stands for change and for hope, and I can’t wait to see what he stands for.

Huh? Was that an endorsement?

Everyone with a TV has probably seen Barack Obama say he stands for change and hope, even so, I like Ms. Sarandon “can’t wait to see what he stands for.”