I can’t recall how many times I’ve tried to board a plane, forgetting that my box knife was still in my hollowed out book.

022008boxcutter1When searching the backpack, a security officer found a book titled “Fear Itself.” The book was hollowed out, and the box cutter was inside.

Baines told officers he was moving to Las Vegas and forgot the cutter was in the book.

Officers found books in the backpack titled “Muhammad in the Bible,” “The Prophet’s Prayer” and “The Noble Qur’an.” He also had a copy of the Quran and the Bible.

Tampa Bay online: TIA Passenger Had Box Cutter In Hollowed-Out Book

I wonder if he had his shoes off and his lotion in a 1 quart bag? Did anyone read the Profiling Pop Quiz?
Let’s not worry though, he’s behind bars for another 4 weeks after pleading guilty to misdemeanor carrying a concealed weapon.


One Response to “OOPS!”

  1. Oops, My bad, Wally.
    That was my box cutter that I left in your Qur’an.
    I won’t let it happen again.
    I didn’t know you were flyin’