McCain takes local primary election

McCain Primary It’s no surprise that McCain is doing better in the local primary than he did in the local caucus.  As a moderate conservative, he fits the primary demographic better than the caucus demographic.   It takes more passion for a particular candidate and frankly just more effort to attend a caucus than it does to return a ballot.  Caucus’ are where candidates like Ron Paul make their finest showing because a relatively few number of passionate supporters can have a big impact.   But the will of the less passionate, for moderate conservative candidates like John McCain, make their big showing in the primary.   

In this election though, John McCain’s improved showing, may also have been partially from voters such as myself.  I made my statement for a conservative candidate by supporting Mitt Romney at the caucus, but upon reading the writing on the wall, I showed support for conservatism in general, by checking John McCain on my ballot.