McCain takes local primary election

McCain Primary It’s no surprise that McCain is doing better in the local primary than he did in the local caucus.  As a moderate conservative, he fits the primary demographic better than the caucus demographic.   It takes more passion for a particular candidate and frankly just more effort to attend a caucus than it does to return a ballot.  Caucus’ are where candidates like Ron Paul make their finest showing because a relatively few number of passionate supporters can have a big impact.   But the will of the less passionate, for moderate conservative candidates like John McCain, make their big showing in the primary.   

In this election though, John McCain’s improved showing, may also have been partially from voters such as myself.  I made my statement for a conservative candidate by supporting Mitt Romney at the caucus, but upon reading the writing on the wall, I showed support for conservatism in general, by checking John McCain on my ballot. 


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  1. Hey AFY!,

    Looks like the info out of Texas was WRONG. Ron Paul won his congressional district with over 70% support. Of course the media was chomping at the bit to report his failure, but very little mention was made of his success.

  2. Hammer,
    e-mail me directly if would please?
    Are you going to the county convention as an RP delegate by chance?
    my e-mail is on my website under the profile link.
    Did we talk at the local GOP central committee a couple of months ago?

    Anyway, we R A BIG TENT!!!

  3. I’m trying to draw as many of the new Ron Paul supporters into the Republican fold as possible. My hope is the RLC would become a powerful presence in helping get Republicans elected. The RIGHT kind of Republicans.

    The RLC’s site is a little outdated but their FAQ page says a lot ( ):

    What is the RLC’s platform?

    The RLC doesn’t have an official platform like the major parties, because it is a political club and only affiliated with a major party. It is a group that seeks to support libertarian and like-minded candidates in the Republican Party. A platform is not an accurate reflection of the views of its members; it is a compromise between the people who are interested enough in political theory to argue about it. In the GOP and Democratic Party, candidates consistently run on issues at odds with the official party line. The RLC has no plans to develop a comprehensive document outlining the RLC’s views on every issue. There is, however, a list of RLC principles that emphasizes limited government across the board.

    Free Enterprise:

    The well-being of Americans results directly from the economic efforts of free men and women. The advent and growth of the welfare state, with its attendant heavy taxation and pervasive controls, has greatly impaired the country’s economic growth. The RLC believes that the good intentions of the welfare state have actually produced only bitterness and economic stagnation. We call for the phase out, as rapidly as possible in view of our commitment to avoid needless human suffering, of the Federal and State apparatus of mandatory social institutions.

    Personal Freedom:

    No less than economic liberty is the right of every American to personal liberty. As a matter of principle, as well as accomplishing the defueling of the engines of social conflict and discontent, we believe it is vital to repeal all laws limiting the right of an individual to act as he/she so chooses — so long as he/she does not use force or fraud.

    Protecting Individual Rights:

    The most vital function of the government is to protect and defend its citizens from threats posed by foreign governments and opportunistic groups. To that end the RLC supports the maintenance of the means to ward off and defeat any possible foreign threat to the lives, liberty, and peaceful stability of every person within the borders of this nation.

    The RLC Supports:

    1. Lower and fewer taxes
    2. The right to privacy
    3. The right to keep and bear arms
    4. Balanced budgets through spending cuts
    5. Educational choice
    6. Freedom of speech
    7. Protection of property rights
    8. Market-based health care
    9. Alternatives to the drug war
    10. All-volunteer armed forces
    11. Term Limits
    12. Sound monetary policies
    13. Deregulation
    14. Phase-out of foreign aid
    15. Ending federal welfare
    16. Private options to Social Security
    17. Free trade Privatization of government functions

  4. Oh, I didn’t say I’m giving up on the party. Just not supporting the candidate they are (most likely) putting forward this time around. Just like Ron Paul sticks with the party but has said publicly that he cannot support a candidate with an interventionist foreign policy. I’m less concerned about our interventionist foreign policy than I am about the current fiscal state of this country.

    I’m getting excited about the kickoff charter event for the Washington State Republican Liberty Caucus (RLCWA). I believe they are as their motto states: “The Conscience of the Republican Party.” Check out the RLC here:

    There will be a Conference call for all who are interested in participating in the formation and charter of the state version of this caucus on March 4th at 7pm.

    Info about this conference call is below.

    We will discuss Chartering the RLCWA, and future plans / path forward for RLCWA.

    Skype Number: +9900827043806978
    Telephone Number: 605-475-8800
    From the US call #:1-888-350-0075
    Conference Room Number: 3806978

  5. wally says:

    I hadn’t really thought of John McCain as evil, or the lesser of two evils, just moderate. I would certainly be happy with him calling on Ron Paul or any other conservative. That’s why I think that someone like Mitt Romney would make a good VP choice.

    But wait, come to think of it, John McCain is the lesser of two evils; those two evils being Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    Too bad you are looking away from the Republican Party when Ron Paul, the uber conservative you were following, is still sticking with the party since his return from hiatus as a Libertarian. The Republicans could sure use more conservatism in the mix. Stick around and be part of the solution.

  6. AFY says:

    If the information is correct coming out of Texas, Ron Paul will not be going back to congress and certainly will need a new job.


  7. I gotta think that you may be right Hammer,
    Helicopter Bernacke(sp) needs to go.
    RP does have a good grasp on monetary policy.
    I think that Larry Nicholas is the Libertarian Chairman of Whatcom County.
    He owns Accurate Lock and Safe. He’s a great guy and a class act! You might want to contact him,
    even if I think a vote for a Libertarian is a vote for Bilobama…

    Don’t forget, Dino needs your upport still, and many of my RP supporting friends are staying in the fold just for State Races, even as they get disenchanted with the presidential race, because they understand how much Adult Supervision is needed in Olympia.

  8. If McCain wanted to draw on Paul’s activism (large base of active supporters and contributors) he could do the following:

    Say that he would make Ron Paul Treasury Secretary or the next Fed Chairmen. If shown that carrot I would happily jump on the bandwagon. Paul’s greatest quality is his monetary policy understanding.

    McCain has shown time and time again that he doesn’t care or understand economic matters he just wants to be “Commander in Chief” and go blow stuff up.

    If he were to bring Paul on board he might be able to draw from Paul’s donor and activist pool.

  9. McCain is not a conservative, period. After getting a taste of what its like to support a TRUE conservative I’m not going back to holding my nose when I vote. Most likely once I lose the option to support Paul within the Republican Party I’ll be shopping for another candidate I can truly support. Maybe I’ll check out the Constitution or Libertarian party or if worse comes to worse just write in Ron Paul in the national election.

    The lesser of two evils is still evil.

    As far as McCain’s showing in the primary. Most of the people who vote in the primary are not following politics closely and haven’t researched the candidates as in depth. They listen to the news where all they hear is McCain has the nomination wrapped up and think well I guess I should vote for him then.

    McCain needs energy (and money) in his campaign and it still doesn’t look like he’s getting it. If he wasn’t the media darling he would have dropped out months ago.

  10. I mailed in my Ballot for Mitt two days before he dropped out!
    Then I became a reluctant Delegate for McCain at caucus.
    However, I just got done reading that Obama will limit all gun purchases to one a month. And suggested that banning all handguns is the solution to inner city crime.
    Hillary wants a gun summit to discuss her laundry list of guns that she wants banned and that list is three times as large as her hubbies first so called assault weapons ban.
    At least McCain has been educated on the insanity of his so called gun show loophole for the fallicy that it was. Why would some Islamofascist come all the way to a gun show in Arizona to purchase a used M1 garand ( a fine specimen) when he can purchase pallets of cheap Ak and SKS knock offs from an outdoor bazaar in Pakistan for the same price?
    This time, no matter what one feels about McCain, nothing less than personal freedom is at stake this election. Limiting our first freedom is the first step to abolishing all the others.