I Lined up the Ducks

Duck One – What the Whatcom Peace & Justice Center is doing:

Whatcom Peace & Justice Center and Veterans for Peace host a supper, dessert, and talk with Iraq War Resister Kyle Snyder on Friday, December 15, at WPJC, 100 E. Maple Street (corner of Cornwall and E. Maple, two blocks south of our previous location downtown). Supper will be served post-peace vigil at 5:15. Kyle Snyder will speak at 6:30.

About Iraq Veteran & War Resister Kyle Snyder:
‘I’m not doing anything negative. I’m doing what I feel I have to do as a human being.’ Kyle Snyder continues to remain AWOL from the U.S. Army. Calls to Ft. Leonard Wood from Snyder’s attorney, Jim Fennerty, continue to go unanswered. Yet, at the risk of arrest, Kyle continues to publicly speak out against the war in Iraq. Kyle has been traveling the country, speaking to high school students, participating in the School of the America’s Watch’s annual demonstration at Ft. Benning, GA, and volunteering with Iraq Veterans Against the War in coordination with the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans.

Duck Two – What the Deserter is doing:

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (AP) — A soldier who is again absent without leave said his lawyer has repeatedly tried to speak with the Army about his status but the military is ignoring the subject.

Pvt. Kyle Snyder, 23, a former combat engineer, went AWOL from his Army unit after failing to report to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, on November 1 — a day after turning himself in after an 18-month AWOL stint. He had fled to Canada in April 2005 while on leave to avoid a second tour in Iraq.

“Legally, I’m AWOL again,” Snyder said Friday. “My lawyer has tried to contact Fort Leonard Wood like 75 times — it’s documented, 75 times — and tried to get in touch with the military. They’ve avoided this entire subject.”

Duck Three – What the Deserter should do:

U. S. Army Deserter Information Point
Deserter Information

Report to the nearest Army post with your Army ID or other picture ID and any documents or records in your possession which pertain to your Army service. On the installation, go to the Military Police station and turn yourself in to the MPs. They will assist you with transportation to the installation responsible for processing you. You may report directly to the U.S. Army Personnel Control Facility at Fort Knox, KY or Fort Sill, OK. You may call USADIP administrative processing (Monday through Friday 7 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. call 502-626-3722 or 3724) or NCIC (24 hours a day at 502-626-3711/3712 or 3713) if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Duck Four – What the Police should do:

U. S. Army Deserter Information Point
Police Agencies Information

This page is for official Federal Government and Law Enforcement Agencies only. The USADIP does NOT provide information on deserters to the public.

Police agencies requiring information from the USADIP may contact them at the below phone numbers. Police agencies should utilize the functions of NCIC and NLETS to verify deserter status. Under all circumstances the Law Enforcement Agency must provide their “ORI”. DSN: 536-3711

NCIC voice: (502) 626-3711/3712/3713 (24 hours)
Chief: (502) 626-3717
Administrative Section (M-F – 0700-1530) – (502) 626-3722/3724
Admin FAX – (502) 626-3730

U.S. Army Personnel Control Facility
1481 Old Ironsides Avenue
Fort Knox, KY 40121

Duck Five – What will you do?

I can think of a few things to do. Like make more people aware of this situation. Checking on other venues where high school students might be influenced. I’ll start there and see where it goes.

Ugly Duck – being used http://www.tomjoad.org/warheroes6.htm

“At that point, I had nobody in my life, so I hooked up with the war resisters campaign. Since then, I’ve been involved in this political agenda that is really, really confusing to me.”

He receives $70 a week from a local war resisters campaign to help him get by.

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