Three levels of cool

You’ve got to watch this video, forwarded by AFY, to understand the coolness factor involved here. Dean Kamen, a rather prolific and very successful inventor, is most well known for the Segway.

That is cool!  When a guy I know lost his had in an accident, the 8 year old foster child we were caring for just shrugged off the gravity of the situation, by exclaiming that he would be really strong when he got his new robot hand. Her reaction was a bit more subdued when I explained the gap between real life and sci-fi fantasy. This is cool because it significantly narrows that previously wide gap. It’s cool because it will benefit both the soldier today and the civilian tomorrow, as the technology is refined and then trickles down.Second, as a designer myself, I find both the physical mechanics and the multi-discipline collaborative effort of this project, to be incredibly cool.

Third, it is cool because it is such a great example of how entrepreneurs in a capitalist environment can both flourish and give back for the betterment of our society. I just don’t hear of this kind of progress in a not for profit socialist society. Had it not been for Dean Kamen’s affluence and the affluence of venture capitalist, I don’t think this would be happening. In an article about a small scale power plant he is developing, Dean Kamen gave us a peek at his entrepreneurial philosophy

Instead of putting up a 500-megawatt power plant in a developing country, he argues, it would be much better to place 500,000 one-kilowatt power plants in villages all over the place, because then you would create 500,000 entrepreneurs.

“Isn’t that better for democracy?” Quadir asks. “We see a shortage of democracy in the world, and we are surprised. If you strengthen the economic hands of people, you will foster real democracy.”

Lights, water, freedom. Now that’s entrepreneurial.

The socialists in our nation’s Democratic Party seem to think that overtaxing the successful will benefit our nation. I think they are dead wrong. The notion that hard work will be rewarded is what gets people out of bed in the morning, and what gets them to start small businesses, or invent something. Financial opportunity is part of what brings hope to the people of this nation.

If you are a Christian, you have all but lost your opportunity to freely practice your religion in this nation. Will socialism do away with financial opportunity also? If so, how can we call our nation the land of freedom and opportunity. Are we really ready to adopt socialism? Are you ready to hand out hooks and pegs to returning vets? Or should we keep financial opportunities open and offer vets something more?

We are in an election year and their are 2 parties fighting for power in our nation. The Democrats who guarantee higher taxes for the successful, and the Republicans, who at the very least, will attempt to lower our nation’s tax burden. Yep, I’m voting Republican.

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One Response to “Three levels of cool”

  1. Have you ever seen the Video tour of Dean’s House.
    It is incredible.
    Not only has this guy built the Segway, which is really fun if you get the chance to try one, but has a “wheelchair” that will walk up and down stairs, and will rise up and balance on two wheels so that the operator is not always looking up at who he or she is hanging out with. No kidding, the operator can rise to a 6 foot eye level, definately making him or her taller than a guy like me…
    This new prosthetic arm is incredible. not that I want one…