Our founding fathers were certainly progressive when they set up a democratic republic in a world of dictators and totalitarians. I like what our founding fathers set up in America. I like living in a nation built on Christian values like morality, charity and choice. I like the responsible freedoms that are built into our nation.

It is with this system of government, originally set up by our founding fathers, that our nation became the greatest nation on the face of this planet. We enjoy liberty, prosperity and freedom like no other nation in history. And look at the impact our nation has had in the world on everything from technology to human rights; now imagine the last 200+ years without the US in the world.

Conservatism is all about retaining the original foundational principles and sentiments that fostered our great nation. Conservatism is about working against the erosion of these principles to the detriment of all we have worked for over the last two centuries.  People who call themselves Conservatives generally want to retain a nation where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are still our hallmarks.

Our founding fathers could have set up our nation like present day China, Soviet Union, Cuba, or even a simple dictatorship with George Washington as our nation’s first king rather than our nation’s first president; but they didn’t and I thank God for that fact. I think they made a great decision and I have no desire to follow progressives, liberals, socialist, communist, and/or democrats away from our roots and in any new direction. I don’t mind looking at minor tweaks to our world leading nation, but I do not find a want nor a need to progress away from what our forefathers sacrificed to attain.

I don’t look around the world and say things like “Wow, China is great, communism is really working for them.” I don’t look at the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) and pine for the good life under socialism. And I don’t look to Islamic, communist, nor socialist republics and wonder why don’t we have religious freedoms like them; in fact I thank God that we don’t have religious freedoms like them. I don’t relish the thought of my family and friends being persecuted and/or killed for practicing the Christian faith.

On most accounts I am a conservative and while I am not proud of every action made by our elected officials, I am by most accounts proud to be part of this great nation.

However, I am by all accounts grateful to God for our nation and will work to conserve the foundations of our great nation.