As one might gather from a page titled Christianity, I am indeed a Christian as long as God will have me. No particular denomination, just a bible reading, try to live as God wants, Christian. Not perfect, nor even close.

Many people, it seems especially in the blogosphere, seem to classify Christians as oppressive, judgmental, hyper critical, as well as many other unflattering and mostly incorrect stereotypes.  Any human being can be oppressive, hypercritical and judgmental regardless of their faith, their religion, or lack of religion as the case may be. Being a Christian doesn’t make us stop being human; Christ just gave us a higher target than just human nature.

I once had a page devoted to individual scriptures and topics. It was essentially my cheat sheet from my bible, but it wasn’t very user friendly when it came to searches. Everything that was in that page is now incorporated into blog posts.  Most are under the Christianity tag  or you can do a site wide search using the search box in the upper right corner.

My disclaimer is that God knows I don’t have all the answers and that fact is also plainly evident to people I know. If you think I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, then please correct me with a comment or an email.