Hasta la Bye Bye former Mayor Pike

When I heard the news that the Transportation Safety Coalition had turned in around 7,000 signatures for an initiative to let voters decide if they want traffic cameras in Bellingham, I knew we could start waving hasta la bye bye to Mayor Dan Pike.   Even with high kickout rates as signatures are verified, 7,000

Where there’s a Dan, there’s a way

Word around town is that Mayor Dan Pike of Bellingham is looking again/still to raise taxes.  I first read the announcement in the Herald blogs, Mayor Dan Pike wants the city to form a citywide Transportation Benefit District and increase the sales tax by two-tenths of 1 percent, which would generate about $3.8 million a

Time to Vote!

Everyone should have their ballots by now so it’s time to draw a few lines using either blue or black ink; no felt tips or pencils.   Here’s how I feel about some of the issues and candidates around here that I’ll be using to guide my votes.  Hope you find this to be useful.

Updated: Cold War Has Come Home to Roost

And it looks like the socialist fowl will be roosting in Bellingham’s Maritime Heritage Park. The group Occupy Bellingham has announced its plan for a permanent occupation encampment beginning tomorrow.?? You might ask as I did if this is legal?? The answer is well sort of legal maybe. City of Bellingham Municipal Code Title 8