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Rocky Road

Walk through the frozen section at Haggen and you will pass by about a hundred varieties of ice cream. We Americans can take our freedom of choice pretty seriously and people can get pretty passionate when it comes to choosing their ice cream. I haven’t traveled the world extensively, but I think it is safe […]

Why I am supporting Mitt Romney

The field has narrowed enough that it is no longer just a matter of who I think would perform well as president. Effectiveness and electability are rising on my list and purely ideological arguments are drifting down. I like the ideals and issue focus of both Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. However, I feel that […]

Legislating immorality

I’ve started writing a post on legislating morality. The problem is though, that I’ve started writing it over and over again. In fact, just a few days ago while writing Right to Life, I started it over again after reading the opening of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. We hold these truths to be […]

2008 Candidates on abortion

This post is an adjunct to Right to Life. I feel that the right of an unborn child to live is about the most basic right there can be for anyone regardless of nationality, religion etc. Yet our nation’s candidates are split into 2 camps on this issue. In the case of the 3 Democratic […]

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