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August 3, 2012

I Found One

I’m sure there are more of them around, but you just don’t find them that often.  So when I do find one I want to share it with the world.   No, it’s not a snipe.  No, it’s not a four leaf clover.  Okay, I’ll give you a clue, but it may not make it any easier to guess.  Here is what she said in front of the Arizona House of Representatives.

“I feel all life is sacred.  I firmly believe that how we legislate on abortion reflects the moral values of society, respect for life and dignity of all human beings is a core value of my beliefs.  All of us have to answer to our constituents every two years when we faced with getting re-elected, but as I have previously stated on the floor, after we leave this legislature, all of us must answer to a higher authority, and with that I vote yes.

Still can’t guess what I found?   I have found in a legislator with (D) behind her name that actually stands for life.  It’s Arizona Rep. Catherine Miranda and she made that statement in support of HB 2036, a proposed pro-life measure.

The measure would have banned abortion after 20 weeks gestation based on the wealth of medical evidence that a child has developed a strong sense of touch by at least that age, meaning they would feel the pain of dismemberment that takes place during a D&E abortion, a typical method of abortion at that stage of gestation


USA/ Rep. Miranda is identified as the only Democrat to support HB 2036 so don’t get your hopes up that things are changing.  In fact the website for the Arizona Senate Democratic Caucus actually urged House and Senate Democrats to oppose this legislation.  Even so, the legislation did pass, but as expected the ACLU has gotten involved and the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals granted an injunction against the law going into effect.  The ACLU attorney is quoted as saying “We are relieved that the court blocked this dangerous ban and that women in Arizona will continue to be able to get safe, appropriate medical care,”

Really?  How does torturing an unborn child to death qualify in any way shape or form as safe, appropriate medical care?  And leaving politics and partisanship aside, how can any human being argue for inflicting pain on a child as they are being killed?

“Little people feel pain. Little people are alive. Little people at the twentieth week are our absolute most vulnerable. Voting on the side of the very, very most vulnerable is right. Little people don’t understand tort reform. They don’t understand medical malpractice, but this bill may save some of the littlest people. Some of the littlest people may be less at risk today because of our work, and the debate is about the little people, and with that I vote aye.”

AZ Rep. Andy Tobin

We all react when we here a child suddenly cry out in pain, but In their mother’s womb, unborn children can’t even scream so that someone will rush to their aid.  Allowing this is a national tragedy.

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